Online sales, wholesale distributor, dealer, & light manufacturing. We market niche & industrial products, B2B, w/ wholesale distribution to facility & purchasing managers, GSA sales. Sales success of durable goods through online distribution channels to dealers/consumers.


Monsoon Mfg. LLC
4275 S. Randolph Ave.
Tucson, AZ 85714
(520) 303-6789

How we accomplish our sales...

We reel in the B2B calls and B2B emails with online expertise and product development experience then seal the deal with product knowledge and hands-on experience.

That’s it in a nutshell.

The number of personnel at our brick-and-mortar location varies depending on what is being assembled or shipped and how much paperwork needs to be dealt with. We have a fork lift, compressor and other light manufacturing equipment for times when we need to ship B2B products from our own location. Our offices, outside/inside storage, loading bay and workshop space are adequate for years to come.

We put as much B2B product information online as we can so that B2B customers already have had a chance to gather what they need prior to calling to get a quote or make a purchase. It is easy for us to direct a client to a part of the website that answers their question, then proceed with the sale.

Give us a shout... (520) 303-6789

At no cost to you, we market your company’s manufactured products online as a distributor. Marketing of unique or niche industrial products is our specialty.  We develop relationships with dealers that purchase your products from us, offering dealer discounts. If an end user wishes to purchase, and there is no dealer involved, we sell direct at retail to secure the sale. Clients include contractors, industry, military, utility, and foreign entities worldwide.

Monsoon Mfg. LLC / 4275 S. Randolph Ave. / Tucson, AZ 85714 / (520) 303-6789