Online sales, wholesale distributor, dealer, & light manufacturing. We market niche & industrial products, B2B, w/ wholesale distribution to facility & purchasing managers, GSA sales. Sales success of durable goods through online distribution channels to dealers/consumers.

Current Manufacturers

Monsoon Mfg. LLC
4275 S. Randolph Ave.
Tucson, AZ 85714
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The list of manufacturers that we sell for (lower left) are all quite happy that we carry their products. In some cases, we are their top performing distributor.
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At no cost to you, we market your company’s manufactured products online as a distributor. Marketing of unique or niche industrial products is our specialty.  We develop relationships with dealers that purchase your products from us, offering dealer discounts. If an end user wishes to purchase, and there is no dealer involved, we sell direct at retail to secure the sale. Clients include contractors, industry, military, utility, and foreign entities worldwide.

Companies that we sell for:
PMG, Inc.
Scientific Developments, Inc.
Magnetic Autocontrol
Guardian Traffic Systems, Inc.
Antech Corporation
Lincoln Manufacturing
Universal Rocks
Glacier Pool Coolers LLC
Bond Manufacturing
DoorKing, Inc.
RAI Products

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Some of our high-ranking websites:

A simple test... click this link to a Google search to see how a layman would search for one of our unusual product offerings: parking lot tire poppers. What do you see?! We are the top 4 links in the Google search.

Our websites have an old-fashioned look with no ‘flash’. That is because Flash websites don’t rank well in online searches compared to the way that we program ours. Our goal is to rank high on Google, resulting in a call from the customer. We’re not so worried about impressing them with how flashy our site can be.
Getting that phone to ring... that’s what it’s all about.” -Jeff

Monsoon Mfg. LLC / 4275 S. Randolph Ave. / Tucson, AZ 85714 / (520) 303-6789